Indeed, not a few know the story of Max Schireson who resigned from the position of CEO of a multibillion-dollar company to concentrate on family and become a father full of time. He enjoyed his new job.

Schireson stopped being the leader of MongoDB Inc., an Internet database company, in a recognition he launched on the blog. Well, I will not talk about him, but all the different workers who may be nervous about this situation. Passion is so passionate to be channeled as a goat breeder but shackled by activities as a financial advisor in an elite area office.

It’s too little story wrapped in a complaint that his heart and mind were not in the stiff cubicle in such an office. Prefer to be in a cage, give goat food, market milk and meat with joy, while continuing to gain knowledge about animal husbandry. Also a story about some web designers holding law degrees or undergraduate psychology and authors with a bachelor’s degree in civilian tips. Does a legal scholar become a recycling business? Why not? Organize and control everything from home. Become a boss for yourself.

Already there are a few outstanding stories about wisdom about a child who wants to buy his father’s time so he can play together. How dare you pass it and not care about our child fulfilling it for just an hour and two? Working not only in terms of satisfaction in the lesson that is achieved from income, does the routine have a salary name or is not fixed like a project honorarium. More than that, it works, in other words, inner satisfaction because it is worked on with love and peace of mind because the family no longer protests it because of simple things.

Oh yes, this is indeed the dilemma of not a few parents today. I also often feel protests from the family. For those who are accustomed to and comfortable with the regularity of work schedules and certainty of income every month, it certainly will not be easy to adjust to a plan that can change at any time or honorarium that is not paid by the client.

I used to hear anecdotes that were not uncommon; that is, men don’t deserve to work at home. He must have a house to pick up sustenance for his family. A man who lives in residence cannot be called a man. If this matter is negotiated at this time, it must be something that is no longer acceptable. Men can sit at home, open their computers while monitoring children playing and learning. There is nothing wrong. He still works. Only the location has changed. Only time can be arranged by yourself.

Return to Max Schireson. Ah, he is already rich, wants to be published from his own company and lives in a place with a family, his account is still fat. “What about me?” Create your comfort. No need to witness how Schireson’s decision was for him and his family look at what you and your family need. The bachelors, they can still quickly assess how good the options are for themselves and if they are married later.

Many cool activities that can be done by a man to maximize his passion and talent from home. Maybe you are the one who has successfully resisted the heart’s turmoil? Share in the comments column!


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