At present, the growth of a home-based business has developed rapidly and will continue to feel developments in the future, because there will be a variety of new business opportunities and a scarcity of activities in the formal sector.

Starting a home business is not a business that is too difficult to run. However, no less urgent, is your home business marketing strategy. If you want to succeed in a competitive environment, then you must listen to how we must go to lead to business success. One of them is a matter of marketing.

Marketing is a continuous process, and you have to make sure that a home-based business needs attention all the time. The purpose of marketing itself is to sell products and services by giving up maximum profits.

A business will not be able to succeed unless you create a decent awareness and create people who say about your product or service. Dad, here is a marketing strategy to help your home business succeed:


Although our business is not yet large and is carried out at home, it doesn’t close to being able to do online promotions. Because online marketing is felt to be very urgent in the era of sophisticated technology as it is today, the method is to have a website. A well-designed site will make your business look big, professional, and organized. Some other advantages of having a website are like free advertising for your product, informing customers about product evolution, information about special offers, promotions, and discounts available.

Technology is rising in 6-gears speed. If you cannot keep up, you will lose in the journey. Many big companies already get the bitter results to close their business due to failing to adapt in the wave of technology. Like casino and gambling business, they are shifting to online also. Sports book betting like judi sbobet Indonesia now have 70% online member instead of people visiting the casino.

From mouth to mouth

One very effective marketing strategy to convince customers is word of mouth. The strength of this marketing style lies in the persuasive techniques that you use to convince customers. Word of mouth marketing style will be most effective if you work with the power of empathy, intuition, and your good attitude.

Include the address on your product

Include your website URL, address, and telephone number on all products and printed matter that is published from your business-like letters, envelopes, labels, faxes, and invoices. This is an easy technique for advertising our business and guarding our image in the eyes of the customer continuously.


Brochures are media that are used by those who have been in business for a long time. This media is among the most effective in provoking consumers to make purchases of a product. In the brochure, we can explain in detail what are the advantages of a product, what dividends consumers get when purchasing the product, physical format, color, size and how the technique to get the product. The primary function and nature of the brochure are to introduce products or trade brands of goods or services that we sell.

Advertising in local media

Advertising in local media can also play an important role in promoting your home business. Small text ads don’t require a small fee. This ad makes people aware of your business. If we have more budget, do your product marketing through the radio, because it can be more effective.

Business card or business card

Business cards or business cards of a company sometimes feel trivial, and lots of people make them carelessly. They view that creating a business card for a company is only a means for people to contact the company. Even though this business card can be used as a marketing tool or a method of advertising your business. With a business card, creating someone who accepts it views you, then makes it motivated to want to do business with you.

Home-based business marketing must be witnessed in the right perspective, and our success will depend mostly on how well you handle the most critical aspects of your business.


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