When fired by the company, a variety of negative thoughts immediately arise—starting from hurt, angry, confused, and sad.

Of course, it’s normal to feel that way, but don’t get fired, continually affecting your life because there are still many opportunities in plain sight.

The thing to remember is that getting fired is not unique in the world of work. Many people have been fired and succeeded elsewhere. Oprah Winfrey has also been fired, but she can succeed elsewhere.

Summarized from the Fast Company, for those of you who are dizzy after getting fired, here are six tips you can follow to prepare for the next career step.

Remember that you are not alone

No need to feel alone when you are just fired. Dismissal can occur every day in every office throughout the world. Try to talk to the HR manager or the people who work there, and surely they can talk about employees who leave. Besides that, being fired doesn’t mean your career is ruined, because there are still many opportunities in the future.

Try to Request References

This will certainly be scary to do after being fired. But maybe you can try it first. Convey your wishes. Then, when you get access to references, avoid gossiping with colleagues in the old office about why you might get fired.

Describe the Position Well

If you are later called in for an interview and asked why you can be fired, give answers that are confident, to-the-point, and clear. Of course, you can tell in a positive style, but don’t lie. Don’t talk about your boss’s ugliness or workplace beforehand. Just explain how your ability can contribute to a new company.

Take Time to Calm Yourself

After realizing that you are not alone, try to calm down. If you haven’t been able to move on, it will make it difficult for you to face the interviewer for previous work. Give yourself time to get through the feeling of being fired. After calm down, you can move on with confidence and mental stability.

Improve relations

If you still want to work in the same sector after being fired, chances are you will again meet with people from the office who fired you. If you are fired because of your mistake, it is recommended to apologize in person. Be sure also to express gratitude for the opportunity you have received.

Losing a job is annoying, but losing a job does not need to continue to affect life. There are still other great things you can give in a good company. Show the world the abilities you have.

Busy Something

Consider finding a job that is available at the moment to fill your time. I can also consider becoming a volunteer. Doing something can make you focus and do not fall asleep lazy when looking for work. There is also the possibility of this time to look for a career path in a new sector then you have before.


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